About Pastor Dave

I have the privilege of being a Wedding Pastor/Officiant based in the beautiful Treasure Valley in Idaho, and I love officiating weddings! As a Wedding Pastor, I help couples launch healthy marriages. I understand the EMOTIONS of seeing your bride for the first time on your wedding day. I see the joy and pain in a father’s eyes as he gives his daughter away. I always work closely with each couple ensuring you the most personal, professional, above-and-beyond service possible. I will go the EXTRA MILE for you!

My wife (Cathy) and I have been happily married since 1976. By God’s grace, we have beaten the odds, and so can you! We’ve discovered that marriage comes with its ups and downs, fastballs, and curveballs, but a healthy marriage is worth every sacrifice, late-night conversation, and counseling session. From a personal perspective, I remember seeing my wife walking down the aisle on our wedding day. It was one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced! I have also had the privilege of walking all three of my daughters down the aisle and then handing them off to their future husbands before stepping to the front and officiating their special wedding day!

I work closely with each couple ensuring we provide the most personal, professional, above-and-beyond service possible. I will go the EXTRA MILE for you!

I have done weddings for years for couples who may or may not attend church on a regular basis and for those who don’t know a pastor personally. I’ve performed weddings in private homes, on golf courses, at 5 Star Resorts and nice hotels, at Country Clubs, at parks, in the mountains, and many other gorgeous locations. I’ve performed casual, informal, and formal weddings. What I’ve discovered is how much couples appreciate the loving care and concern I provide them.
I will work with you to design a wedding ceremony that will reflect your values and desires using various wedding elements (vows, rings, readings, poems, prayers, and innovative ideas). I want to make your wedding a CELEBRATION and FUN!

That is why we believe so strongly that couples need to intentionally prepare for marriage. I WANT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED IN MARRIAGE! And that’s why I offer premarital counseling for couples. See https://newlife-christiancounseling.org.

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